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The Linkonlearning online learning platform includes all the tools schools need for E-Learning.

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AZTEC E-Learning Platform

Linkonlearning AZTEC is a powerful e-learning platform that will help your organization deliver engaging online training, courses and lessons. The learning, teaching, administrative, and management tools can all be tailored to your unique e-learning approach.

AZTEC is a fully customizable enterprise solution that can facilitate learning for just a few, or hundreds of thousands. Because the system is fully scalable and data driven, you can access data that will help your organization learn, grow, and adapt to student and administrative needs.

Linkonlearning has been doing Scientific Research & Development for over a decade. This has resulted in a leading-edge e-learning platform that ensures student learning outcomes are being met. The administrative and management components enable your organization to easily create, deliver and manage course content.

Linkonlearning AZTEC Platform

Our team is always working on enhancements, new components, and upgrades. Customizable plug-ins, components, and modules are also available; if you are looking for something you don't see here, please speak with one of our experts and learn how we can help.