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Contests General Information

Contests are a fun way for budding young writers to get a chance to express themselves. We accept student submissions for contests in many styles of writing. At the discretion of the contest winners, we also post student work. This includes creative writing stories, poetry, reports, essays, and more.

If you have a piece of work you would like displayed on our website, please send an email to info@linkonlearning.com for the entry form. As we receive many submissions, we cannot publish them all, but we will try to display as many as we can.

Our contests are on-going, so please take a look at some of our winners and published work.

We loved the limericks, other poetry and short stories so much we wanted to share them with everyone! Thanks to the students for all their hard work, and to the parents and teachers for letting us post them online for everyone to see.

Top Prize

The Little Green Guy

There once was a little green guy,
Who always dreamed that he could fly.
And when he did try,
He fell down from the sky,
Now there’s no more little green guy.

Samantha, Gr. 6, Ècole francais de prince ouest

Lori Learning

Limerick Writing Contest

We would like to thank all of the students who entered our contest however, we had to pick the three top submissions. So here they are!

Congratulations to Samantha and our other winners! We love all of the brilliant submissions we received. Try and beat Samantha's "Little Green Guy" with something creative of your own...

1st Runner Up

There once was a man named Patrick,
Who went to Ireland to do magic.
The people from town,
Gave him a big crown,
And he left as a Saint, that Patrick.

Lisa, Gr. 4, Meadowlark School

2nd Runner up

Once there was a guy named Kellan,
Who got his head stuck in a melon.
He pulled and he pushed,
Until he landed in a bush,
But he never got out of that melon.

Sawyer, Gr. 2 Richmond Elementary School

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Posted by Caitlyn

"Thank you for making Linkonlearning. I think it was very nice of you to make it for us. I like the 'The Little Grocer.' 'The Little Grocer' is an exciting game to play on the computer." -Caitlyn, Student